Mitt Romney enjoys a family day out at Disneyland

Mitt Romney and his wife Anne were all smiles as they watched their grandchildren play as Jedis from Star Wars.

Mitt Romney and his wife Anne were all smiles as they watched their grandchildren play as Jedis from Star Wars. 

The presidential candidate, who was on a family outing to Disneyland in California, watched his grandchildren participate in the Star Wars Jedi Academy Training show.

The children held up homemade signs so they would get picked to take part in the show. 

The Romney family spent the whole day at the park with Mitt going on the rides with his sons and grandchildren. 

Meatloaf’s Weird Improv At Romney Gala

Meatloaf uses his powerful lungs at Mitt Romney’s Ohio Gala, but nobody knows what he’s singing.

Meat Loaf became a bit of a “meat laugh” after a video surfaced of him massacring “America The Beautiful” with an improvisation that turned Mitt Romney’s Ohio Gala into an ear bashing.

The singer turned actor turned reality TV star was one of a few names up on stage to celebrate and encourage Presidential candidate Governor Romney as he attempts to take office in November.

Instead of rousing the crowd he riled a few feathers with former candidate Senator John McCain. TMZ report when he was asked if it was appropriate for Meat to change the song, he replied “change the song, or have someone who knows the words?”

Recently Katy Perry appeared at a President Obama rally wearing a ballot paper design dress.

Fortunately she was singing her own songs, so there was no chance of her forgetting the words or sounding like a bat out of hell.

Brad Pitt’s Mother Pens Anti-Obama, Anti-Gay Letter

William Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jane Pitt and Brad Pitt

While Brad Pitt has said that he is a supporter of President Obama and his pro-gay rights social stance, Brad’s mom Jane Pitt apparently doesn’t see eye to eye with the A-list actor.
The grandmother of the Jolie-Pitt kids reportedly penned an opinionated letter to Missouri’s Springfield News-Leader that bashes president Obama for his liberal beliefs and supports republican nominee Mitt Romney.
Jane Pitt, a Christian, describes Obama as quote: “a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage.”
Brad and fiancé Angelina Jolie once famously announced that they wouldn’t tie the knot until all couples were allowed to – including Gay and Lesbian couples. 
Brad even showed his support of the gay community by starring in a play about gay rights and controversial legislation prop 8.
Evidently not all Pitt’s think alike! 
Good thing blood is thicker than water… Or religious and political beliefs….
Brad has said that despite media depictions, his mother is very loving, open and genuine.
Just as long as she is a good grandma!

Viva Mitt Romney in Las Vegas

Governor Mitt Romney

Here’s Republican nominee Mitt Romney in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Somers Furniture Rental Warehouse, addressing 1,500 people in attendance regarding his Presidential campaign. 

Romney reportedly spoke about creating jobs for the people of Nevada, and how he believes President Obama has directly affected Las Vegas and the state of Nevada in a negative way. 

Check out the upcoming candidate and his supporters.