Matthew Fox Allegedly Assaults Woman

Matthew Fox

The Party of Five
is over for Matthew Fox.

 The actor faces potential charges after getting arrested for
allegedly assaulting a woman in Cleveland, Ohio.

 According to police reports, Fox attempted
to get on a party bus but was prevented by the bus’ driver. 

 And when he couldn’t get on board,
he reportedly “LOST” it.

 The actor allegedly punched the
woman in the chest and stomach area when she stood in his way.

 Reports say that alcohol was

 The actor was apparently hit in the
mouth, causing a cut on his lip. According to TMZ, she claimed it was in
self-defense to prevent a man from beating up on a woman.

 Fox has since been released and returned to his hotel. 

Captain America Teams Up With Thor

Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans

The Avengers film set just got a little more interesting, which is hard following this massive explosion few days ago. 

We’ve seen Chris Evans as Captain America the last couple of days and now he’s been joined by Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth

The superhero duo were battling alien soldiers in the streets of Cleveland which has been dressed up to look like New York City. 

The Secret to Chris Evans’ Buff Captain America Bod? Hot Dogs!

Chris Evans

Chris Evans was spotted taking a break from filming The Avengers in Cleveland, Ohio and before heading back to his trailer for a much deserved rest, the hunky actor swung by the craft services tent for some grub.

So what did Chris get? The Captain America star grabbed a few handfuls of fFrench fries, corn on the cob and a hot dog!

So kids, if you want to get buff like this guy, keep eating those hot dogs!

More Explosive Photos of ‘The Avengers’

Avengers movieset in Cleveland

The Avengers film set is straight blowing up in Cleveland, Ohio. Chris Evans has reprised his role as Captain America for the superhero flick and he, or his stunt double, was spotted shooing these scenes with a fireball in the background. 

Are you guys fired up to see this movie?

‘The Avengers’ Kicks Off With a Bang!

NYC 42nd Street explosion in Cleveland (movie set scene)

Wow, that is one amazing explosion on the set of The Avengers in Cleveland, Ohio. Dressed up to be New York City, the fake 42nd Street was blown up in one massive explosion.

Chris Evans was spotted shooting some scenes earlier this morning and it’s thought they are going to digitally add him into the shot.

With fireballs like that, it’s now wonder they’re shooting in Ohio and not the real Big Apple.

Chris Evans Starts Filming ‘Avengers’

Chris Evans

WIth Captain America still on the big screen, star Chris Evans is already back to playing the shield wielding superhero for the upcoming movie, The Avengers. 

The hunky actor was spotted walking on the set in Cleveland, Ohio wearing a 1940′s era costume after waking up in the year 2011. 

Avengers Filmset First Look

'The Avenger's filmset, Cleveland, Ohio

The highly anticipated Avengers movie has started filming in Cleveland, Ohio, yes Cleveland, and here are the first shots f some of the destruction. 

So far several New York City cabs have been crushed by falling pieces of the city hall.