Kellan Lutz frolics with Sharni Vinson on the beach in Sydney

Kellan Lutz enjoyed a day out on the beach with his girlfriend Sharni Vinson in Sydney, Australia.

He may play a superhero vampire in the Twilight series but it looked like Kellan Lutz wasn’t feeling very brave about getting his shoulders under the water in Sydney.

The 27-year-old actor instead decided to frolic in the surf with his Australian girlfriend Sharni Vinson.

Splashing water at each other, the Twilight actor was showing off his torso in navy blue trunks.

And it seemed the pair couldn’t get enough of each other as the 29-year-old actress jumped up for a piggy back ride.

Looking like he couldn’t be happier to be spending time with his girlfriend of a year, Kellan worked up a sweat chasing the actress through the waves.

And once the sunbathing was done for the day, it was a hand-in-hand stroll for the picture perfect pair.