Will Lindsay Lohan accept strip club offer?

Lindsay Lohan has been offered work by a strip club to pay off her storage debt.

With no family and friends publicly coming forward to help Lindsay Lohan’s storage debt, it seems she has now been offered help.

But it’s a lifeline that might cross a fine-line as the offer is from a strip club.

With IRS supposedly freezing the actresses bank accounts due to unpaid taxes and a looming storage debt of $16,000, the 26 year-old has been approached by ‘Scores strip club’ in NYC. But it’s not to flash for the cash, it’s to act as an online video chat host for its website which doesn’t involve nudity.

And in return? Have the storage locker debt paid in full.

TMZ reports that the Liz & Dick star fell behind on payments and its now crunch time, with the company ready to auction off her stuff in days.

‘Scores’ have stepped in to relieve the stress, offer some hosting work and even pay a couple of months rent. The chances of this happening may not be so unrealistic because the locker could have sensitive personal items in there that Lindsay might not want to the world to see, and she can’t access it unless the debt is paid.

Plus she did shoot for Playboy right?