Orlando Bloom’s mother quashes separation rumor

Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom’s mother shoots down separation rumors with Miranda Kerr

Orlando Bloom’s mother has quashed rumors that he and wife Miranda Kerr are separated.

In Touch magazine reported that the couple’s marriage was on the rocks after Miranda had been seen out on a number of occasions without her wedding ring, saying, “Right now, they’ve separated and figuring out what to do next.”

And it’s believed the speculation about their relationship was further fueled due to them spending time apart, even though it was because of work commitments.

New York Daily News had reported Miranda had gone to Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party and they were ‘very flirty with each other’.

However a source had said that they had known each other for a long time and were very close friends.

And the Daily Mail has reported that Orlando’s mother Sonia shot down allegations saying the pair were “perfectly happy”.

When asked about the break up rumors she said, “Of course not, no. I don’t know where this has come from but, my gosh, they are very happy”.

She confirmed the couple who have a son together will be spending Christmas with each other.

Good to hear!