Which supermodel stripped out of her Santa disguise?

It’s a Kosher Christmas as Bar Refaeli teases her way onto Santa’s naughty list.

What do Bar Refaeli and Santa Claus have in common?

Thankfully nothing.

So we’ll give you no guesses as to who is in disguise walking about Manhattan dressed as the famous Saint. In the ‘Under Me’ commercial for their latest underwear, a plethora of men seem to get either confused, or excited… no, just confused, to see the man in ‘red and white’ displaying an unusual wiggle in his walk.

The supermodel born into an Israeli Jewish family revealed her Kosher Christmas gift unto the world by undressing out of the Santa outfit and posing in her underwear.

Weigh up the options, stripped down Santa or sexy Bar?

No brainer right? Lets just hope she doesn’t take the role too seriously and start eating loads of cookies left out by kids or she could end up Santa full time.