Hayden Panettiere in Esquire bikini shoot

With a Golden Globe nomination and a bikini shoot, what more do you need from Hayden Panattiere?

Single and stupidly hot Hayden Panettiere is about to go down swimmingly in the next edition of Esquire when the actress posed in a skimpy swimsuit.

Ok so we’re happy, and now it turns out so is she because it’s been announced she’s nominated in the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ category at the 2013 Golden Globes for her role in the show Nashville.

There’s some stiff competition out there you know, and we’re not talking about Hayden’s bikini shoot, that’s already a winner. Good timing to get in the forefront of the public’s mind again for her when the magazine comes out on the 18th December.

In it, the newly single 23 year-old reveals that she’s into guys that aren’t interested in her saying, “You got the guys who you want to flirt with you and it’s like they can’t take a hint. It’s like you’re waving a flag, like, ‘Hey! I’m interested!’ And you’ll never get those guys’ attention.”


Er, so there you go, if you have Hayden openly flirt with you, feel free to give her some attention.