Cruise control, Tom’s strict house rules

Tom Cruise has a serious security set-up in his Beverly Hills estate

If you’re gonna work for Tom Cruise you better get used to being in Cruise Control.

Radar Online report that the multi-million dollar earning actor has strict tabs on his employees and a zonal security system to make sure the right people work in the right areas.

Back when TomKat were together, they were looking to hire a new manager for their Beverly Hills estate and held interviews down at the local Scientology Celebrity Center asking questions like “if you saw a car stuck on the train tracks with people inside, and a train approaching, what would you do?”

Hopefully train collisions aren’t a regular event on the estate, but it’s quite big so who knows?

The Jack Reacher star supposedly runs a tight ship in the palatial pad by running the staff with ‘military precision’ with the ‘utmost attention paid to security’.

A source revealed that the house is split into zones, meaning that housekeepers and support staff in the kitchen aren’t permitted to go into other areas, all as part of Tom’s plan to ensure the safety of his family and children when they visit.

The only people with full access aside the star is the head of security and the estate manager, which we assume they can move swiftly to attend to any cars stuck on train tracks immediately.