Lindsay Lohan selling designer clothing to second hand store

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan continues to face financial troubles, but take a look at her… She’s worth more than you think… Don’t believe us? Look at that dress. 
According to Radar Online, the actress is selling her extensive collection of designer clothes to a second hand store in Los Angeles in order to help gather cash to pay off her $230,000 dollar IRS debt and mounting legal fees. 
Lindsay has apparently been sending her sister, Ali, to negotiate the value of her hand-me-downs. 
Trouble is, just like her acting career, Lindsay’s price seems to be at a low point. 
It’s reported that her sister Ali got in an argument with the manager of a second hand store when they offered her $30 dollars for a $700 dollar pair of shoes. 
The Liz & Dick star is apparently also trying to haggle higher offers by selling garments she’s been photographed in on red carpets and at elite events.  
But considering she’s expected to be formally charged for criminal activity during a car accident this summer, as well as an alleged assault in New York City… 
Lindsay might not want to sell all her court outfits.