Miranda Kerr reveals tips to keeping Orlando Bloom happy

After two years of happy marriage, the truth is out, Miranda Kerr reveals how she keeps Orlando Bloom a happy man.

Miranda Kerr thinks that wearing nice underwear and wearing a bit of make-up will keep Orlando Bloom happy.

You think? Because otherwise she’d be a monster…

Kerr revealed her grandmother gave the tips to her during an interview on Craig Ferguson‘s show. The Daily Mail reported that the 29 year-old Victoria Secret fashion model with an amazing body and unlimited access to amazing underwear was given the tip along with the advice “men are very visual, so don’t forget that”

Yes, very visual, so lucky for husband Orlando when he gets back from filming Zulu in South Africa, because the tip says the advice is to be followed every single day.

But it’s a good job he wasn’t there for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, as according to Miranda she gets nervous when he’s in the audience. Don’t worry, just pop a bit of lippy on and he’s all smiles remember?

Australian Kerr and the Lord of the Rings actor married in 2010 and 2 years of great underwear later, and they’re still going strong with Craig branding the model, “the most awesome wife in America”

Hard to argue with that.