Rumors continue to swirl about Ashley Judd and that possible senate seat

Ashley Judd still might be interested in that senate seat.

Ashley Judd could have been anything she wanted. She could have followed in the footsteps of her mom and sister and been sitting on the porch of that music video singing, Mama He’s Crazy, also. Lucky for us she ended up on the silver screen and taught the masses that if you’re framed for your husband’s murder only to find out he actually faked his death, you can always spring from prison and find Tommy Lee Jones to seek revenge.

That’s an obligatory Double Jeopardy reference from 1999 kiddos.

But now it seems Ashley Judd has her eyes set on something else: a U.S Senate seat representing the state of Kentucky. That’s right folks. Politics.

While the rumors are starting to gain traction, it’s still unconfirmed, but we’re learning that she’s already taking a lot of the necessary steps any proper candidate would take.

Do we line up the dots and get ready to plant a “Go Ashley Go” placard in our front lawns?