Channing Tatum to take a break from acting

Channing Tatum plans to take a break from acting during 2013.

There are all kinds of breaks. The kind that happen to your clavicle when trying to pop-a-wheelie off a home made ramp in the driveway. The kind that Ross thought he was on with Rachel when he ended up mattress dancing with some stranger, ultimately giving them years of storyline. And then there’s the kind when you semi-retire from your job for a year only to take up another job while always planning to return to your first job. That’s the kind of break Channing Tatum is talking about.

You see, he’s already done the whole acting thing…if you consider Magic Mike and GI Joe acting…and he’s kind of ready for new challenges. Not like 21-Jump-Street-hard. But definitely difficult.


Yeah, Channing is looking to get behind the lens during 2013 and not in front of it at all. We totally support his move because it was the smartest thing Ben Affleck ever did. 

And to think, if only Ben Affleck had done it earlier, we wouldn’t have Gigli or Jersey Girl. 

Break a leg Channing.