Brandi Glanville says son ate LeAnn Rimes’ laxative

Jennifer Gimenez with Brandi Glanville and her sons, Jake and Mason

Brandi Glanville’s real housewife world is pretty bad…
She tells Us magazine her 9-year-old son Mason reportedly got very sick from one of LeAnn’s laxatives after she reportedly left one on the ground that resembled a piece of candy. 
Brandi says the incident was a big deal for her, and she lost her mind.
And although LeAnn reportedly went to rehab recently for anxiety and exhaustion, Brandi still finds her unstable, irresponsible, and anything but rehabilitated. 
One problem, her children love LeAnn… And she wants them to be happy. 
Brandi also claims she can’t get through to Eddie or LeAnn privately, so she has to Tweet or do interviews to get a response from them. 
But Eddie disagrees, telling Us Magazine that Brandi is capable of contacting him or LeAnn to discuss the children, and she only goes public to boost her own notoriety.  
Good thing Brandi recently Tweeted she’d be happy to go to therapy with him… For their kids’ sake, they might need it.