Harry Styles and Taylor Swift photographed leaving same hotel in the morning

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles spotted leaving same hotel in New York City

So Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were photographed leaving the same New York City hotel this morning. They tried to fool us by leaving minutes apart and jumping into separate cars. We would have fallen for it but we’re not six-year-olds. We’re adults. Not necessarily grown-ups, but we’re definitely adults. 

Something Harry was acting like the night before. You see, he was on stage at the Madison Square Garden in front of a sold out crowd we he grabbed on the bras that was tossed onstage and threw it up in the air for fun.

We’re guessing Taylor didn’t take issue with the adult-act because chances are she realizes he’s not old enough to know what one is.

No word on what went on in the hotel though.

Certainly no bras we’re thrown into the air.