It’s not a Monday without a Lindsay Lohan update

The IRS freezes Lindsay Lohan's bank accounts.

We usually come in on Monday mornings expecting to hear about Lindsay Lohan‘s weekend. It’s kind of a tradition. Sometimes she gets arrested, sometimes she gets in fights, and sometimes we don’t hear anything at all. The latter of those scenarios is a bit of a surprise. Actually, we’re down-right shocked on those occasions. 

Either way, we’re not afraid to admit that we we’re a little taken-aback when we heard the latest update in the LiLo saga that is her life: the IRS froze her bank accounts.

Basically, Uncle Sam says she owes a fat stack of money and they’re pretty upset. The lien is for the years 2009 and 2010 and totals upwards of $233,000. Unfortunately, there’s word that she even owes for 2011 and things are going to get worse. reports that Lohan is in full panic mode and frantically trying to book some gigs to pay off the sum.

But if you saw Liz & Dick…you probably know she won’t be getting those offers any time soon.