Does Angelina Jolie hate holidays at the Pitts?

Jolie and Brad Pitts Parents

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take their kids all over the world, but there’s apparently one place Angelina refuses to go for the Holidays… Brad’s parents house in Missouri.
Now, we know Angelina famously had some bad blood with her own father, Jon Voight. 
But according to Star Magazine, she fights with Brad’s mom, Jane, and refuses to bring her brood there for Christmas. 
It’s reported Angelina’s politics are the main reason, because she has very different opinions from Brad’s right wing, religious parents, Bill and Jane… And she finds it awkward to have to visit them at their home in the Midwest. 
But c’mon… We bet this family could have a Holly Jolly Jolie Christmas no matter where they were. 
 Especially if Angelina puts some tickets to her next premiere in their stockings.