Angus T. Jones is dating his stalker?

After a crazy week of headlines, rumor is that Angus T Jones is dating his stalker.

Ok, now here’s one you didn’t see coming.

The rumor is, Angus T. Jones is dating his 17 year-old celebrity stalker.

The highest paid child actor in the US has made the biggest headlines already this week after slating his show Two and Half Men by branding it ‘filth’ and asking fans not to watch it. He did issue an apology and it seems to cap it off has got himself a kinda unusual other half.

Superfan Sarah M is renowned for tracking down hundred of celebs to get her picture taken with them and has become a celeb herself, even appearing on Good Morning America and more than 30 international shows to talk about her obsession.

Seems apparently Angus made the first move too. Celebuzz reported that the 19 year-old reached out to her dad and asked to be introduced to her with a source saying, “I don’t think her dad knows the extent of their relationship,” adding, “She isn’t shy about talking about the relationship, but doesn’t post kissing pictures. She only posts their goofy pictures, but she does call him her boyfriend.”

Angus hasn’t commented much since the trashing incident although Sarah told the Daily Mail, “he’s not having a meltdown or a breakdown or whatever people think.”

And yes, they look the same don’t they.