Is this the woman Lindsay Lohan is suspected of punching in a nightclub?

Both Lindsay Lohan and the woman she’s suspected of punching leave the police station in New York City.

This is the woman Lindsay Lohan supposedly punched in a nightclub in New York.

She left 10th Precinct Police station in NYC the morning after an alleged brawl with a carefully placed blanket. She ended up in the slammer when she was arrested at 4AM after she being suspected of assault in a nightclub.

Law enforcement told TMZ that the altercation built up kinda like this…

Lindsay said, “Give me my space”, some time passed and then for some reason Lindsay punched her on the left side of her face.

When cops arrived Lindsay was already a passenger in a car that was leaving the area so they got in there and made the arrest.

Her response?

To say, “Are you kidding me?” repeatedly.

Clearly not. And of course this all leads to the question on everyone’s lips, does this violate her probation from previous offences, which could lead to jail time.