Demi Moore Dating 26-Year-Old Art Dealer?

Is Demi Moore Dating this guy?

Everyone knows that Demi Moore loves younger men. 
So is it any surprise that after splitting from Ashton Kutcher, she’s going for someone even younger? 
Demi is reportedly dating 26-year-old art dealer, Vito Schnabel. 
Demi reportedly met him in India where according to the New York Post, they were grinding all over each other on a dance floor, and spending quality time together. 
And we know Demi still looks great! But she is 50 years old, so what kind of guys would be into a woman with a quarter century on them? 
Look no further than Vito! He’s already been attached to 49-year-old Elle Macpherson! An art dealer that appreciates age! It makes sense!