Top celebrity women breadwinners

Women celebrities who earn more cash than their significant others.

It’s not just the celebrity men making the killer coin these days.

A recent study by Prudential Financial shows the financial gap between men and women has narrowed.

Celebrity women are banking big time, so in no particular order, let’s see who is earning more than their other halves.

Anne Hathaway
has nothing to be Les Miserables about. The singing actress who will star alongside Russell Crowe in the winter musical scores $7 million paychecks, no doubt keeping hubby Adam Shulman in check.

Oprah is so big we don’t even say her last name anymore. She’s estimated to be worth a whopping $2.7 billion, allowing author boyfriend Stedman Graham a chance to cogitate in style.

No Doubt Gavin Rossdale is a happy man. Not only does he have a hot talented wife, but also she’s great at turning that talent into cash. Gwen Stefani founded a clothing line called L.A.M.B and in 2008, she made $27 million.

New mother Drew Barrymore can raise her baby in the peace of mind that good business decisions last. In 2009 she pocketed $12 million. Hubby Will Kopelman is an art director and no stranger to wealth, seeing as his dad was CEO of Chanel.

Finally, this one’s close. According to Forbes, Beyoncé netted $40 million last year while spouse Jay-Z came a close second with a measly $38 million.

Somehow we can’t imagine it’s that big of a deal to them.