Tom Cruise movie shuts down central London

London goes eerily quiet as Tom Cruise lands a chopper in Leicester Square for “All You Need Is Kill”

Nothing better than a cruise over London…

But you’ve never seen anything like this before.

Tom Cruise
flew into the England capital via chopper for a scene in his new movie
“All You Need is Kill”, which involved shutting down the streets.

Leicester Square seemed lonely for the Lion statues, with only a few military looking movie extras as company.

Then the eerie quietness was smashed once the chopper rolled in through some mild rain and winds.

As the sun eventually came out, Tom emerged for the scene, which seemingly involved conferring with colleagues about war stuff.

Cruise famously shot in a deserted Times Square in New York for Vanilla Sky so this ain’t his first rodeo. Although that time it wasn’t the Royal Air Force that dropped him off.

movie tells the story of a soldier fighting in a war with aliens caught
in a time loop of his last day in battle and looking at the outfit,
he’s possibly quite high up in command.

Hey and look at the Top Gun style aviators, Goose would be proud right? If that doesn’t make you wanna watch it, nothing will.