Critics Pan Lindsay Lohan’s Performance As Liz Taylor

Liz & Dick airs and Lindsay Lohan’s performance gets overall negative reviews

Lindsay Lohan’s supposed comeback role as iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor happened when Liz & Dick finally aired.

And the reception was, to say the least, icy.

Twitter went into overload during the Lifetime movie with comments like singer Aimee Mann saying, “I get the feeling the phrase “It is what it is” was said a lot in the editing room.”

For those of you still wanting to see it, that kinda sums it up.

But it was the performance of Li-Lo that was under the most scrutiny, and here’s what the critics had to say.

The New York Times wrote, “The choice of Ms. Lohan is a gimmick that will certainly draw attention and probably viewers. But it’s not a kindness to that actress, who fails to deliver the kind of breakthrough performance that augurs a comeback.”

The Hollywood reporter said, “Lohan is awful as Taylor from start to finish”, declaring it “an awful mess and an instant classic of unintentional hilarity”.

And The Huffington Post says “All it really does is make you sad about what’s become of Lindsay Lohan.”

During filming she was briefly hospitalized after crashing her Porsche and filming was stopped after she was found unconscious in her Ritz Carlton hotel suite supposedly due to exhaustion.

The show’s producer even said, “working with Lindsay Lohan is not for the faint hearted”. But hey, everyone’s talking about it right?