Celebrities give thanks…just like us!

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

Thanksgiving has come and gone which means now would be the perfect time to find out what some celebrities gave thanks for this year.

Here’s what we got.

She didn’t exactly come out and say it but we can only assume Katie Holmes is thankful for the 30 second siesta she snagged on the subway after a long mommy/daughter day.  Let’s be honest, carrying a 6-year-old around everywhere has got to be tiring.

Justin Bieber should definitely be grateful he’s got opposable thumbs…but he might wanna learn how to control them.  Apparently, he’s getting a little text crazy on his ex Selena Gomez.  Although…he got her to the AMA after party so perhaps his  persistence paid off!

Because we still have an Earth…Entourage star Adrian Grenier says that’s what he’ll be thanking this holiday season so expect some green gifts and eco-friendly cooking from this guy.

Pete Wentz is all about giving thanks to his family…oh and that cranberry stuff you have for thanksgiving.  He likes that, too.  We believe it’s called cranberry sauce, Pete.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 didn’t exactly break any box office records but Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is still super appreciative for it and for an eventful 2012.  And eventful it was…especially for the films two biggest stars.

Wonder what they’re thankful for!