Olivier Martinez reveals bruised face after fight with Halle Berry’s ex

Olivier Martinez is spotted sporting a his bruised face following a fight with Gabriel Aubry

Olivier Martinez was spotted sporting a bruised face as he headed home from hospital yesterday. 

According to TMZ, the French actor was injured during a ‘brutal fight’ with his fiance Halle Berry’s ex lover Gabriel Aubry, which left both men hospitalised and saw Gabriel charged with battery. 

The fight came as Aubry dropped off his daughter Nahla at Berry’s house on Thanksgiving morning. 

Martinez is said to have tried to speak to Gabriel about the ongoing custody dispute between him and Halle. 

After Olivier said to Aubry ‘We have to move on,’ the model is said to have pushed him and tried to punch him before a big brawl broke out. 

Police were called to the home and arrested Gabriel for battery. He was then charged on his release from hospital and released after meeting the $20,000 bail. 

Olivier is reportedly keen to press charges. 

Gabriel and Halle – who split in 2010 – have been embroiled in a custody battle ever since she tried to convince a judge to allow her to move to France with Nahla, a move which was recently blocked by the courts.
We’re glad to see Halle, Nahla, and Olivier back home safely.