Bikini beauty Jennifer Lawrence thinks she’s pointless

Sunning up on vacation in Hawaii for Thanksgiving, Jennifer Lawrence relaxes with family. But did you know she’s pointed out that she’s pointless?

Does this look ok to you?

Jennifer Lawrence signals to onlookers that she is ‘good to go’ as the Hunger Games actress wades in up to her knees at the beach in Hawaii.

Good job too, otherwise we would never get a chance to compliment her.

Yesterday the 22-year-old actress flaunted an equally skimpy two-piece…and whereas she swayed into the water, she had to hold it together getting out.

So today, nah, knee height is more than adequate.

Jennifer and her brother are with the family enjoying the Thanksgiving season, giving her a break from filming the second installment of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Recently, in an interview with W Magazine, Jen said she couldn’t dance, cook or sew which 100 years ago would make her pointless. However she admitted being pretty good with a bow due to playing Katniss Everdeen, although that will probably never come in handy.

We think she’s still pretty down-to-earth for a girl taking on such a big role for a massive franchise. That in itself is pretty admirable.