David Beckham could become highest paid player at 37

Beckham is a brand, and one club could offer him more a week than any other player in the world.

A global $20million tug-of-war is taking place over where David Beckham ends his playing career, with offers pouring in from more than just the Australian A-League now.

The 37 year-old LA Galaxy player is hot property for anyone that signs him as you get the player but also his fame, brand and TV ratings.

So who’s in the 6-continent strong bidding battle?

According to The Sun, top of the offers is from China’s Shanghai Shenhua side who are prepared to stump up more than £350,000, thats $558,000 a week, to ship the Beckhams east.

French giants PSG may seem more enticing to his wife Victoria as it’s a fashion hub, but would around the £220,000 a week mark be a big enough lure?

Brazil, Australia, South Africa and the current homeland of USA are in the mix, with New York Cosmos no doubt an appeal, as it would keep the family on familiar turf.

A source in LA told the paper, “it doesn’t matter he isn’t the greatest player any more. He makes clubs great in terms of sponsorship. A club could pay him £500,000 a week and it would still be worth it.”

31 year-old Samuel Eto’o is the highest paid soccer player scooping £345,000 a week playing in Russia.

If Becks goes to China, he could well become the highest earner in the game, which at his age is phenomenal.