Twilight Tops Movie Chart

Twilight narrowly misses out on it’s sales record but still reaps reward at the top.

Twilight bowed on out a high by topping the charts and taking $141.3m in its first three days.

The 5th movie in the franchise narrowly made less than the second movie New Moon which made $142.8m million in the first three days.

But with only under a couple of million in it, who’s counting right?

It’s predicted that eventually the movie will score in the $700m area, matching the last three movies.

So, is it any good?

CNN say that The Twilight Saga is a different beast. Fans are either in — and they’ve been in for a few years — or they’re not interested.

For some, Robert Pattinson will always be Edward and Kristen Stewart will always be Bella.

For now at least, the saga is over. But with seven hundred million coming in per movie, we find it hard to believe this is the true end.