Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Back On?

Looks like One Direction’s Harry Styles and AMA winner Taylor Swift are back together.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are dating?

Well that seems to be the general consensus anyway,

The 18-year-old One Direction singer and the 22-year-old “Never Ever Getting Back Together” singer are back together apparently.

People reports that Harry watched Taylor rehearsing for an X Factor performance and when she was done he leapt on stage picked her up, put her over his shoulder and carried her off stage.

A minority of One Direction fans took offense tweeting upsetting things like “I’ll murder Taylor Swift. She will not date my Harry” or “If you dating my harry, I kill you”.

Not cool at all.

Meanwhile Swift recently introduced Harry to her mother, which is quite lovely.

Known for an “all or nothing” approach to relationships she prefers to rush in and fall in love really fast, but with Harry its round two so maybe it’s got legs.

After scoring Best Female Country Artist at the AMAs this weekend so would be good to try keeping things on a high.