Scarlett Johansson quizzes Jessica Biel about her honeymoon

On the red carpet for Hitchcock, Scarlett Johansson hugged Jessica Biel and asked the question on many people’s minds.

Things went without a hitch at the Hitchcock premiere and getting hitched was top of the gossip list.

Scarlett Johansson gave Jessica Biel a hug and got straight in there asking, “How was your honeymoon?”

Us Magazine report that Jessica gushed, “It was like magic, it was like heaven. It was the most beautiful thing”

Arguably that answer could also describe their outfits, them but we think Scarlett edges her out in the strapless ‘Rodarte’ dress.

In fact, newly married Jessica’s ‘Oscar De La Renta’ tunic probably would have suited co-star Helen Mirren in terms of its style.

But Helen had other ideas. Still sexy.

Jessica and Justin Timberlake recently returned from their honeymoon on safari in Tanzania staying in a $7600 a night lodge. If that ain’t like magic, nothing is.

The women of the Hitchcock movie include Toni Collette and its about the love story between the famous director played by Anthony Hopkins and his wife Alma during the filming of psycho.

Gotta admit, that’s a pretty stunning line up.