Katie cat-naps on the subway

Katie Holmes grabs a sly bit of shuteye on the subway in New York

Snore is a long day for Katie Holmes. Running daily mom duties and performing 8 previews a week on Broadway earns, at the very least, a quick Katie cat-nap.

Because when you get a chance to rest those eyelids you gotta take it.

The actress caught the subway in New York with six-year old daughter Suri and while the apple of her eye snacked on an apple, the big apple took it’s toll.

Katie’s been like a super-mom and the new routine seems to be working well, and with a 16 week-run of her new play Dead Accounts about to start, this may become a familiar scene.

Hey, we’ve all had a quick nap on a journey. It seemed to have the desired effect when mother and daughter took a walk after the ride enjoying bouncing along the sidewalk on a Sunday stroll.

That’s gonna be their day, as the theatre is dark so she’ll no doubt be determined to make the most of it, no matter how worn out she gets.