Half a million people want Donald Trump fired

500,000 people want Donald Trump fired.

500,000 is a big number. How big you ask? Well, if you had $500,000 you could pretty much call in sick tomorrow and still be able to take your buddies out to lunch. If you got 500,000 points on Donkey Kong you’d be some kind of classic arcade genius. And if 500,000 people signed a petition in hopes of asking Macy’s Department Store to fire you…you might want to start packing your bags.

We’re talking about Donald Trump.

The no-nonsense business man has been making quite a stir lately. And now over 465,000 people have signed an online petition to get Macy’s to sever ties with him, Us Weekly reports.

The petition accuses Trump of making lies about President Barack Obama and about being a sexist hypocrite.

There’s been no official word from Macy’s but we’re going to keep our eyes and ears open for you.

Stay tuned.