Emma Stone officiates wedding

Emma Stone officiate wedding

Emma Stone has already proved her mettle in dramatic roles and in comedic roles, but now she’s earned another notch in the belt.


No, not hers. But her publicist’s…where she served as officiant. According to Us Weekly, the 24-year-old actress was at the Twin Peaks Ranch in Ojai California and wore a cream-colored sleeveless dress and was the first to walk down the aisle.

A witness quoted by the mag said she was very eloquent and composed and didn’t seem nervous at all. Emma spoke about how she met her publicist six year before and how the groom directed her in Zombieland.

So yeah, Emma was pretty much the matchmaker for the future husband and wife. No wonder she was charged with marrying the couple.

Her 29-year-old boyfriend Andrew Garfield was in attendance and eyewitnesses claim he was beaming at her from the benches. The eyewitness added that the Spider-Man star had a big smile and was listening to every word she said.

After Emma declared the bride and groom everyone clapped and cheered…which is good to know.

Because if that whole acting thing doesn’t work out she’s always got weddings to fall back on.