Lindsay Lohan disses Barbara Walters

Lindsay Lohan disses Barbara Walters

In the world of interviewer and interviewee this is about as bad as it gets. It’s more than a thumb of the nose and worse than a well-timed Yo Mamma joke. If this was a street ball pickup game on a New York blacktop, this would be the equivalent of a half-court alley-oop/360 slam dunk right in your face. And then having the opposing team telling you to take your ball and go home.

Because that’s pretty much what Lindsay Lohan did to Barbara Walters: told her to take her ball and go home. That she no longer wanted to play nice with her.

You see, Li-Lo had a scheduled interview with Babs, but her people just called and said it wasn’t going to happen. Instead, she’s heading over to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Here’s what people think: that she cancelled on Walters because she was afraid her most recent probation violation would come up. And she chose Leno because she knows he would only ask about her upcoming movie Liz & Dick.

Can’t really blame her.

Or can you?