Can you guess who this is?

Lady Gaga ss a young girl taking first communion in second grade at age six or seven

Before the world was going Gaga for her, this ”lady” was known as Stefani Germanotta and at the age of four was already playing the piano.

Nicknamed ‚”The Germ”, she was one of the more popular girls attending the exclusive Convent of the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic school in New York City.

Described as a diligent student, Stefi picked singing over boys, participated in the choir and played her piano every chance she got.

By her senior year, she was already performing at open mic nights but still made time to attend her High School Ball and goof around with pals.

At eighteen years old, her dream was to headline at Madison Square Garden and in 2011 Lady Gaga did just that.

She’s even got her own fragrance out appropriately named…Fame.