Kristen Stewart Hints At Snow White Sequel

Kristen Stewart has hinted Snow White 2 is a strong possiblity

Remember rumors Kristen Stewart was dramatically unlinked from potential the SWATH franchise following the Rupert Sanders affair?

And rumors that Chris Hemsworth was gonna get a Hunstman spinoff?

And rumors that Rupert might direct a sequel on his wife’s strict orders that he never worked with Kristen again?

Ok well back up everyone, back up.

Because K-Stew has planted a seed that could grow a brand new tree of poisoned apples

Despite another rumour that her huge salary was the reason that she wasn’t asked back for round two, Hollywood reporter asked her if she’d heard anything about a sequel to which she hinted “maybe” followed by “No one’s positive or anything, but I think there’s a strong possibility,”

You’d need a magic mirror to see that one coming.

If she’s back on board then we guess it’s unlikely Rupert will get the directors gig, although Chris could still get a shot as the Huntsman.

And to rub salt in the wound, Rob Pattinson for the prince right?

Too much?