Wanna know what Harry Styles’ tattoo means?

Harry Styles has a couple of birds tattooed on his chest, we’ve an idea what it could be all about.

Wanna know what they mean?

One Direction singer Harry Styles has a pair of birds on his chest.

Not like that.

The Brit singer got inked in David Beckham‘s favourite tattoo parlour in Los Angeles adding a pair of sparrows and some stars to his collection.

And his army of fans flocked outside to catch a glimpse of their idol

Come finishing time Harry was buttoned up and bailed out the door into a waiting vehicle meaning nobody got to see the artwork.

But later he seemed pretty happy to show off the results to fellow band mate Zayn Malik.

Historically a sparrow tattoo is a symbol of finding your freedom, but having two facing each other is interesting, as it’s a bird that once it finds it’s soul-mate, stays with them until the end of their life.

And if it’s ink-idol time, well it doesn’t get much bigger than Becks and he’d do well to return to Shamrock Tattoos in West Hollywood next time he wants what may be nearly his thirtieth piece.

And yeah, maybe these girls should hang out here permanently, coz we have a feeling he’ll be back.