Daniel Craig tried to bail From Bond ‘Skyfall’ role

Forget Skyfall... Daniel Craig wanted his James Bond career to Sky-fail...

Forget Skyfall… Daniel Craig wanted his James Bond career to Sky-fail… 
It’s not top secret. His new film is already a global success, but Craig admits that before he started shooting, he wished his contract would self-destruct. 
He told Rolling Stone that he has been trying to get out of the famous role since he was first cast, but the producers wouldn’t let him go because he agreed to a multi-movie deal. 
But since his portrayal in Skyfall grossed $77.7 million dollars in its first weekend, sounds like he might be excited to accept Bond’s future missions.  
He even told the metro that he’d never been to a premiere like Skyfall’s in his life, it’s a pleasure and an honor, and he’s immensely proud.  
He’s reportedly expected to play the role in two more films. 
Good thing Craig’s James Bond can “license to kill” it at the box office.