Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox owe Reese Witherspoon big time

Brian Austin Green owes Reese Witherspoon big time.

Brian Austin Green wants to thank Reese Witherspoon.
Well because according to him, she unintentionally kept the spotlight off he and Megan Fox during their pregnancy…with her own.
The Transformer star gave birth to their son Noah Shannon in late September, and overall, the whole thing went relatively unnoticed. Thanks in part to the Sweet Home Alabama star.
Green told Ryan Seacrest that he and Megan got really lucky and have been wanting to send Reese some flowers for over a month because when they checked into the hospital nobody knew…and when they checked out two days later, it was still pretty much under wraps.
Brian recalled thinking that it was unbelievable because they weren’t expecting to get away with the birth being such a secret…but it was because the media was focused on Reese and Jim at the exact same time when they welcomed baby Tennessee.
Two weeks later, Megan took to her facebook page to break the news that she and Brian had a new bundle of joy and thanked all those who sent positive energy and well wishes.
Brian closed the interview with Seacrest saying that Reese’s ice cream cake is on the way.
Celebrities helping celebrities.