Sharon Osbourne: ‘I’ve had a double mastectomy’

Sharon Osbourne has revealed she has undergone a double mastectomy after taking the decision to opt for surgery as a precaution against further cancer

TV star Sharon Osbourne has revealed she had a double mastectomy after discovering she carries a gene that boosts the risk of breast cancer. 

The former X Factor judge – who beat colon cancer a decade ago – said she had ‘no regrets’ over the op. 

Determined to watch her baby granddaughter, Pearl, growing up, she said the risk of the illness was too great for her not to have the operation. 

The 60-year-old told Hello! magazine that as soon as she found out she had the breast cancer gene, for her getting a double mastectomy was a ‘no-brainer.’ 

Sharon also said that before the 13-hour op she was told her breast implants had leaked into her stomach wall, which has put her off cosmetic surgery.