Gavin Rossdale Speaks Out On Gwen Stefani Split Rumor

We caught up with Gavin Rossdale to get the facts on the recent split rumor with Gwen Stefani

We spoke to Gavin Rossdale, who kept it short, and it went like this -

Splash, “There’s been some rumors this week that you might be splitting up with Gwen, is there any truth in that?” Gavin, “Of course not.
Splash, “Everything’s good?”.
Gavin, “Everything’s perfect!”

Straight from the horse’s mouth, no trouble in paradise.

The couple had been seen exiting a couple’s therapy office which ignited murmurs of marriage difficulties.

In the last few days, Gwen has been promoting her new album release but has still been seen with Gavin celebrating her 43rd birthday party and their 10th wedding anniversary.

Maybe they’re getting in their ‘us’ time as no doubt, No Doubt will be touring at some point.