Hilary Duff Tweets About Teething Baby

Luca Cruz Comrie

Hilary Duff’s baby is learning some of life’s tooths, or, truths…  
That’s right, little baby Luca is teething. 
Hilary was quick to share her son’s progress, but revealed her protective mom side by saying it’s the cutest yet saddest thing to watch him because she knows it hurts. 
We could have seen this coming after the singer and actress recently shared another photo of her 4.5 month year old chewing on a “tasty toy.” 
Hilary tells US Magazine that the little guy has made her marriage to Mike Comrie stronger, and although it’s hard work, they depend on each other and there’s so much love. 
Luca might have some troubles, but nothing in Hilary’s life seems too hard to swallow.