The Best Emmy Nominee Reactions From Celebs

Sofia Vergara

With the Emmy’s nominations announced, stars began their outpouring of happiness to be in with a chance of a gong.

Alec Baldwin is up for Best Comedy Actor for 30 Rock, where he plays Jack Donaghy a man who is is precise, controlling and suave. He said, “As the show enters its last season, I’m gratified to be nominated again by the Academy.”

But not all celebs were so eloquent. Some couldn’t help but show their joy.

Rival nominee Don Cheadle tweeted, “This nom wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of the team behind House of… **** this. Ship the thing to my house, already!”

If Don doesn’t get best comedy actor for House Of Lies he may deserve a badge of honesty for this quote, “Wow. My agent was right when he said, ‘You don’t have to bribe all the people to get nominated, Don. Just the right people.’ This is the best $246,000.00 I’ve ever spent. Thanks, Emmy”

Modern family’s Sofia Vergara is up for best supporting comedy actress and showed her love online tweeting Gracias to everybody that loves Modern Family!! So much fun to be nominated again!! And gracias Modern Family!!

Plus Steve Buscemi gave this humbling response for his nomination or outstanding lead actor in a drama in Boardwalk Empire, “There are so many amazing performances this year by actors I really admire that it means a lot to me to being included among them”

Among this admiration will fall his direct competition, Hugh Bonneville, who’s up for the same award tweeting an equally humble ”Thanks for the cheery waves about the 16 ‪Emmy‬ nomnoms for ‪DowntonAbbey‬. I’m gobsmacked. Or as the next retweet so eloquently puts it…,”

Some fans just wanna show their love for the nominees and we look no further than Jersey Shore’s Snooki who herself eloquently wrote

“American Horror Story nominated for an Emmy?!??? WELL OBVI. My fave show!!!!”