Paris Hilton Makes DJ Debut in Brazil

Paris Hilton DJ’s at a pop music festival in Brazil.

She’s a socialite with spinning skills!

Well sort of, Paris Hilton made her big time DJ debut at
Brazil’s Pop Music Festival this weekend, and the heiress received mixed

The former reality star played an hour long set for
thousands of fans, and while she seemed to enjoy herself there were some boo’s
and bad reviews.

The UK’s Daily Mirror stated that Paris seemed to enjoy
the set more than the crowd did.

Regardless, with her diamond-encrusted headphones, Paris
rocked on, and according to E! News, revealed that she had so much fun.

She also added that it felt so good to be in control of
the party and see everyone dancing.

Paris Hilton with two turntables and a microphone, we
never thought we’d see the day.