Mark Wahlberg to Launch ‘MARKED’ Supplements With GNC


It’s Suns Out Guns Out for Mark Wahlberg in Miami…

Even though he’s always been into fitness… How did he get this big?

The actor’s all beefed up for his role as a bodybuilder in the upcoming movie, Pain & Gain.

And now Wahlberg’s going to help everyone get pumped up too.

He’s reportedly partnering with GNC, to help sell a supplement line called “MARKED.”

According to, Wahlberg’s promoting and putting his name on seven nutrition products designed to push active people to achieve the best health and fitness results from their workouts.

Oh, and a portion of all sales are donated to the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation to help inner city youth.

So whether you’re running like Wahlberg… Boxing like Wahlberg… Or just hitting that gym…

You can get MARKED.