Mark Wahlberg’s kids watch his painful tattoo removal

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg took his family on vacation in Miami and
showed off the pretty excellent progress of the removal of his Bob Marley
tattoo from his arm.

It might also be a relief for the kids to get away, as it’s
been revealed he took his two eldest along to see how painful it is and to
deter them from getting inked.

We’ll tell you in gross detail how much this hurts in a
minute, but first, Mark isn’t the only celebrity to find that ink caused a

Angelina Jolie scrubbed this dragon tattoo naming former
hubby Billy Bob Thornton and replaced it with the geographical coordinates of
the birthplaces of her many kids.

But is it a case of gone but not forgotten? In Touch magazine reported that she
wrote the forward for his upcoming memoir, where an insider says Brad Pitt
feels betrayed about it.

50 Cent wanted to make the most out of his acting career but
it meant that he had to lose a LOAD of his tattoos, and although you can see
his arms are now pretty much in the clear don’t fret, he decided to keep the
one on his back. “When you’re a fighter, you’re sweating with a whole
bunch of make-up on and stuff like that, it doesn’t look real to me.”

And of course Megan Fox famously had the picture of Marilyn
removed from her forearm. But it won’t stop there, the sexy actress has
vowed to have ALL her tattoos removed which according to her “hurts really

And for those wondering she added, “Getting them is not that
bad, but the laser, when it’s hitting the ink, your skin sort of explodes and
looks like little kernels of popcorn popping up. They can’t numb it enough to
make the pain go away.”

Sounds horrendous