Lindsay Lohan Could Face Hit and Run Charge

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan rushed to get out of Chateau Marmont in her beat up Porsche

But we bet she wished she’d stayed home as she might be the subject of a hit and run investigation, after she supposedly hit a person while leaving the parking lot of Sayers Club, Los Angeles.

TMZ reports that she’d lightly scraped a 26 year-old club manager from the hookah lounge next door while attempting a 3-point turn in the parking lot, grazing his knee in the process.

Lindsay is thought to have called the cops to cover her back after she took off and left the commotion.

They stayed briefly and while the manager initially said he was fine and returned to his hookah, he’s now in the emergency room.

It’s now reported he’s going to press charges and hire an attorney to look into the case which means more drama for Lindsay.

Her eighty thousand dollar, six month old Porsche Panamera already looks like it’s been through the wars when it was snapped as she was dining out with sister Ali at a Japanese BBQ in Beverly Hills yesterday.