Charlie Sheen: I’m Tired of Pretending Ashton Kutcher Doesn’t Suck on ‘Men’

Charlie Sheen reveals that he thinks ‘Two and a Half Men’ and Ashton Kutcher suck.

It sounds like Charlie Sheen is done being Mr. Nice Guy!

When talking about Ashton Kutcher and his former sitcom ’Two and Half Men’, Sheen finally let out a few ‘torpedoes of truth’ on the matter.

While talking to TMZ he revealed that he is tired of lying and pretending that the show doesn’t suck, adding that he is also tired of pretending that Ashton doesn’t suck.


Charlie had previously been polite about the show and his successor Ashton Kutcher.

That didn’t last too long!

However, Sheen did go on to say that it is nothing personal, stating that he just feels bad for Ashton, because he is saddled with such bad writing.

Hmm touché Mr. Sheen!  It’s nice to see your back it must be that tiger blood!