Celebrity Makeup Tips

If you want to look like a celebrity, here’s some great tips on the makeup secrets of the stars brought to you by our friends over at hairstylesdesign.com.

Even though a woman may want to look her best “au natural” every day, there are some times when a little bit of makeup will go a long way to brightening the appearance and creating a striking look. However, not all makeup products are created equally and a woman must be able to navigate the potential minefield of myriad brands and products that line store shelves. For a little bit of beauty advice, several celebrities have shared the contents of their makeup bag and explained which products are their favorites and for what reasons they choose them.

For some celebrities, choosing the right makeup is an essential part of their beauty. Such is the case with Gossip Girl phenomenon, Leighton Meester. Her favorite powder is a classic choice – the Natural Finish Pressed Powder from Chanel. A mainstay among makeup experts, the powder helps to keep the face glowing without excessive oils or moisture from creating a greasy appearance. As her choice in blush, Meester chooses the somewhat surprising Linda Mason Blush in Bare, a rather inexpensive choice at less than $25 for a container. Other makeup favorites from Leighton Meester include the Lancome Le Lipstique and Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream. To remove makeup at the end of the day, the Gossip Girl star prefers La Roche-Posay Dermo Cleanser.

The pop sensation, Lady Gaga, is another celebrity that rarely leaves home without her makeup bag. At the same time, the contents are quite different from Meester and may be a better choice for a woman that is looking to imitate the singer’s extreme style. Her foundation of choice is made by Face Atelier and is part of the Ultra Foundation Pro line. Although it can be a costly choice at over $30 for a small 20ml bottle, the singer attests that it works wonders as a base layer. Perhaps the most famous item in Lady Gaga’s makeup bag is her light pink lipstick that bears her own name. The MAC lipstick is labeled with the color Viva Glam Gaga and has since become a signature item for the singer. More than just makeup, Lady Gaga also likes to keep a body spray in her purse for freshening up from time to time. Her current favorite is the Strawberries and Champagne flavor from Sexiest Fantasies.

Beauty and makeup go hand in hand in the celebrity world. Although the prices of some of the products used by the stars can be pretty high, a woman who learns which products are hot may be able to turn the corner from simple being good looking to absolutely stunning. On the other hand, it may be surprising to find out that many celebrities use cheap products simply because they like the way that the makeup feels or looks. By mirroring the choices of a favorite star, a woman may be able to achieve a similar look or find the right makeup solutions at the right price and better her overall beauty.