Jennifer Aniston Named ‘Sexiest Woman of All Time’

Jennifer Aniston has been named sexiest woman of all time.

Forget that ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ foolishness. Jennifer Aniston has just been named ‘Sexiest Woman of All Time’.

That’s right, readers of Men’s Health have officially voted America’s Sweetheart to the top of the list. Even beating Angelina Jolie who only placed 10th.

The publication wrote that Jennifer is funny and funny is sexy.  Adding that the former ‘Friends’ stars down-to-earth persona makes her seem attainable.

The  sultry star went old-school when asked about her own pick for sexiest woman of all-time.

Jen revealed that if she had to choose one it would be Gloria Steinem, because according to the 42-year-old, she’s the full package and that’s sexy.

She has come a long way, and she’s here to stay- Jennifer Aniston the sexiest of them all!