The Dark Knight Rises Shoots in Los Angeles

the Dark Knight Rises

There’s nothing catty about Anne Hathaway and Christian
Bale’s relationship on the set of The Dark Knight Rises in Los Angeles.

And it’s all fun and games with Batman and Gary Oldman
between the scenes.

But we have a feeling when Christopher Nolan gets everyone in action. 

Even Catwoman is all ears.

And his heroes start turning into acting machines.

Well, at least there’s no shortage of them.

Here’s Batman getting ready for a flight in the cockpit of
the Batwing.

And Anne and her Catwoman stunt double are cycling through
the city.  

Even the Batmobile is jetting into action. 

So from the star studded cast, to the highly anticipated
action, these shots have “Gotham” us excited for the movie’s 2012 release.